• Saree kit: saree kit is highly beneficial for brides as they are multipurpose it is suitable for suits, gowns, excess clothes and saree as well. It makes every saree very handy and easy to use as all the material used with that saree is the kit. As you moved to new house it is difficult to manage everything.
Multi-purpose saree kit
  • Hanging makeup kit: as you go to different places for hangout, honeymoon, and may be different hotels and it is not possible to have dressing room everywhere so to have a hanging makeup kit instead to boxes one it would be more beneficial as you may hang it even on to the door handle and you may manage every makeup quietly and your makeup would also be safe.
Make up kit
  • High quality makeup: always go for high quality makeup which suits your skin; always make a patch test before using any new brand. Makeup is one of the essential things after marriage especially in the initial days, makeup stays for longer period of time if used correctly and of good quality. Makeup is touching your face so closely so you have to pay attention before buying anything does checkout the ingredients and chemicals it have.
make-up products
  • Makeup remover tissues: you must be very tired after all day all parties, lunch and dinner sometimes instead of knowing you do not want to get up from beds and cleanup your face it those cases you need to have makeup removal tissues. You may make these before wedding day. Those were the best as it has all natural products. mix some coconut oil + cotton balls / cotton pads + baby shampoo = home made makeup remover.

  • Digestive tablets: as you have to go through lots of unbalanced, spicy food. You may face different digestive issues it is better to have ayurvedic digestive tablets from the starting, they also help in controlling weight gain.