Less time? More work? Woke up late? Do not know what to eat? The normal situation of every hostler they may be working adults, college students, bachelors or anyone. But we come with the solution to every question, bring some quick and super easy breakfast recipes that do not only give you energy but keep you fit. Let’s began with the first breakfast option:

banana and milk
banana with glass of milk

1.    Milk and banana: banana is rich in fibre keep you full for longer, easy to digest and good for gut health, packed with nutrients and potassium. It is a good option to start your day with. Along with that a cup of milk (rich in calcium, protein, maintain blood pressure, vitamin D, vitamin B12) makes a whole sum meal in itself which enough to keeps you full till lunch.

Banana are easily available and they may stay for a longer period without a fridge as well as easy on the pocket so no budget issues, milk is also one of the easily available items in India, you may purchase it early morning or ask anyone who wake up early to buy for you.

muesli with milk

2.    Muesli and milk: if you are one looking for more heavy meal instantly and comes in “hate fruit” category than muesli is the nice alternative and it can be taken along with milk,

Muesli is readily available in supermarkets in two different flavours one is dry fruits and other is fruits and nuts. This is a go-to breakfast idea for all the hustlers.

apple with handful of nuts
Apple with Nuts

3.    Apple with nuts: if you do not like milk, you didn’t feel hungry in the morning or you have no time to eat at your room then grab an apple and some nuts like almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, pistachio and put in jar or box a night before in your bag so that you never forget to have breakfast. Since you have it in your bag, eat whenever you get time and space to sit or walking on the way to work or school.

roti and peanut butter
Roti with Peanut butter

4.    Wheat chapatti with peanut butter: if you are the one who does not like milk and fruit or has a habit to love chapatti in breakfast than this would be your favourite recipe, just take a chapatti and apply some peanut butter on to eat if you like fruit than add a banana on top of it, roll it out and ready to go into your stomach. Super healthy, full of nutrients, loaded with energy and keeps you full for longer within no time. You may save one chapatti from your dinner for the next morning breakfast from your mess or where ever you have your dinner.

bhuna clack chana salad
black roasted chickpea salad

5.    Bhuna black channa chat: small black chickpeas are favourite Indian snack option but if you are running late for work and really looking for something to eat but healthy too than black roasted chickpea or bhuna channa would be the best option. If you have the time or you are smart enough to have a chopper than chop some vegetable like tomatoes, onions and put it along will chickpea, squeeze a lemon on top and your breakfast meal is ready.

tomato sandwich
tomato sandwich

6.    Tomato sandwich: for bread lover, take two slices of any bread of your choice multigrain, brown bread, white bread, homemade bread and along with that take one ripe tomato slice it out and put it evenly between the two loaves of bread than if you want crisp sandwich than grill it in toaster or eat it as it is.

Every recipe needs 5 minutes in the morning and gives you a healthy breakfast to start your day with energy and enthusiasm, do try it and contact us for any query.